Rx for the Healthcare Industry

DocExecutive provides support to healthcare executives, physician leaders, and individual physicians seeking healthy professional relationships and improved work environments.

What We Do

DocExecutive supports the healthcare leaders, both administrative & clinical, medical practices, and individuals whose role it is to provide best practice healthcare.

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Why We Do What We Do

DocExecutive’s dedication is demonstrated in the concept of “once a client, always a client” and is expressed in our passion, empathy and integrity with which we support our clients. We are committed to providing honest, balanced, and direct support, intended to provide pathways to healthy work environments and behaviors. With the courage to tackle difficult issues, our partnership with each other and the client, generates the trusting relationships that facilitate transformation.

Who We Serve

DocExecutive believes that supporting those who deliver healthcare advances best practice exponentially.

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“Cary Medical Center has built its reputation around a culture of compassion together with a commitment to quality and patient safety. Dr. Maggie Palmer has been a true partner with us in this effort over nearly a quarter century. She has helped to bridge the generational divides our workplace has matured and new staff is engaged. Her unique style, intellect and spiritual wisdom are part of our organizational fabric.”

Kris Doody, CEOCary Medical, Center Caribou, ME

“Dr. Margaret Palmer has been a great partner to our medical staff members requiring her services. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and an outstanding therapist. Her services have enhanced our medical community using a variety of interventions and strategies. I would highly recommend her to any health care system.”

Steve Diaz, M.D., FACEPChief Medical Officier, Maine General Medical Center